This is a favorite tutorial of mine for many reasons, that I want to share with you. Naturally, I am creative at heart and I love crafting. It's something I assumed I would do professionally, but really, it's just a hobby and I find myself wanting to keep my creations more than sell them, MOST of the time. There are a few exceptions like these pineapples I will be creating today because I found I love these way too much to hoard them. 

I will share my DIY tutorial here, but if you would like to purchase one, you can go to this page here and buy one! They are for sale for $14.50 apiece in my office and will be available for a limited time only. I only have 3 in stock, and I may have more in the future. They are adorable, no? 

Before we jump into the tutorial, I want to share with you -- This craft project takes around an hour and a half and can be done by yourself, or as a family/group project. Personally, I crave alone time, PLUS I am the only female in the house, so, you can imagine, I happily craft solo most of the time. 

QUICK TIP: Find something that inspires you and place it in an area that you spend time in often. 

this is how you paint your own pineapple (OR other thrift store ceramic find)

1. Go to any local thrift store to the figurine or household decor aisle. Personally, I like to browse in these sections for longer than I care to admit. And honestly, I end up walking away buying a few items often. Jeremy kind of hates it, but it's what I love to do. But anyway, peruse around for a little bit. You will find something you can re-purpose. 

2. Find any item you think you could fit into your space. Don't worry about how it looks now, because you are going to paint it. Generally, ceramic is the best for these projects, but porcelain could work too. It just depends on what you are looking for. I found these ceramic pineapples for a dollar apiece and bought eight of them immediately. 

3. Then, find some acrylic paints that give you the pop of color that you are looking for. I went to Target and found these cute little colors: Bronze, Aqua, and my favorite, Rose Gold since these are the staple colors for my office. BONUS: They are classic, yet modern colors that are totally in right now. Find a color that you love, and don't be afraid to be bold. Sometimes, the quirky colors make for the best accent and conversation pieces. 

4. After you have gathered your items and decided on colors, lay newspaper down and place your work materials inside your work space. Here's an obvious piece of advice: Make sure your area is flat. Don't be like me and assume you will be so neat, and not get it everywhere. Take my experienced advice and don't skip this step like I did with my first pineapple. 

5. Select your brush. I used a cheap, old watercolor paintbrush I had laying around, but any small paint brush will do. I am sort of anal about detail and for me, the small brushes got into the smaller crevices really well to make sure I didn't miss any spots. 

6. Generally, I would say prime your piece first, but these were plain ceramic that appeared to be fresh from the kiln, so I didn't worry about this step. Also, the ceramic was easy to coat naturally. However, with your chosen piece, you may need to prime it, so consider not skipping this step depending on the condition of your piece. 

pineapple diy painting project materials
pineapple diy project using rose gold paint
pineapple diy project beginning first coat

7. Paint a few coats of paint over your item so that it's covered and looks even all the way around. Make sure to let it dry thoroughly between each coat so that your item doesn't get clumpy with each different layer. 

8. Let it dry completely after the last coat. 

pineapple diy project painting first coat
pineapple diy project painting around the top

9. If you'd like, clear coat the paint so it's protected. This step is completely optional. I like the sort of flat look the rose gold paint gave my pineapple, so I skipped this step. 

10. Be sure to remember to clean up your work space when you finish and remember to rinse the brushes when you're done. I only say this because I got so excited about how it looked, that I didn't do this and my brush dried out.

pineapple diy painting project continuing painting down pineapple
pineapple diy project painting the top coat
pineapple diy painting project completed piece

11. Proudly display your finished item! I chose to display my pineapples around my office. I am certainly keeping one of them because it adds a modern touch in my chic and vintage space. It adds a great dimension and I love the pop of color it gives my office. 


If you like this tutorial, let me know by sending pictures of your finished pieces and I will gladly display them for everyone to see. I love seeing the creativity and this little project was pretty quick and fun activity to relax. Plus, I wanted to do something to add a piece of myself to my work area. I found that it inspires me to keep creating and make my space my own. 

QUICK TIP: Find something that inspires you and place it in an area that you spend time in often.