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Today, I am taking it back to one of my very first blog posts.  This is still one of my favorites, and I have to carry it over from my old site to my new! 

It's easy to see a place and like it so much.  It's easy to see a place, like it so much, and know you won't be going back anytime soon (like, Australia for me).  But, it's rare to find a place, fall completely in love with it, and know that you can become part of its history, as well as it becoming yours.  So many people nowadays find wedding venues they settle with, instead of hunting to find their perfect location, which is not terrible at all, unless you regret it later.  BUT... Imagine for a second, if you will, that you find the perfect place and just know that in that exact perfect spot, you are going to make the best decision of your planning life, to say, "I do".  How would that make you feel?

Wedding Venue, Hill Crest Bed and Breakfast, Tea Time
Honeymoon Location, Hill Crest Bed and Breakfast

Then, let me introduce you to the Hill Crest Bed & Breakfast.  It's located in a small and rural railroad town called Clifton Forge, VA.  It's nestled on top of a hill overlooking the beautiful mountainside, but far enough away that it's the perfectly captured epitome of a charming revived southern retreat.  The Hill Crest makes a perfect wedding venue for any bride or groom who are looking to have a country garden wedding, south mansion style reception, or to just spend a quiet honeymoon nestled away from the world while enjoying the first few days of the newlywed life. 

Yes, this place is stunning.  With its purposefully quaint style, and beautiful details, Hill Crest offers a variety of options for anyone who is looking to add charm as a forefront in their big day.  It boasts a large front porch for guests to sit and chat, or to spend a few minutes enjoying the scenery.  There's a grand foyer that greets you with a resounding feeling home complete with a large chandelier and staircase.  The tea room is bright, charming, and inviting.  The dining room is perfect for any occasion with its rich color, and masterful setting; the parlor just begs you to sit down, and take it all in.  There are six perfectly themed guest rooms that suit any taste and style, each with their own personal showers complete with turn down every night.  Each room is a beautiful remnant of country, historical early 1900's southern detail.  In the mornings, you are greeted with a beautifully crafted breakfast and a tea time that will take your breath away.  The lawns invite you to spend time and just breathe in relaxing hints of various flower smells and listen to the birds, or to just enjoy the settings.

In my opinion, if you are looking for a beautifully hidden away, charming location, please check out the Hill Crest.  Contact Martha, the owner, for inquiries and don't pass up this beautiful and breath taking place.  Check out the link here: Virginia Hill Crest Bed and Breakfast.  You won't be disappointed!