Kasey + Jennifer | Wedding at the Hill Crest Bed & Breakfast | Clifton Forge

Kasey and Jennifer are one of my favorite couples I have ever met.  We met them through doing various fire department events, and they quickly have become two of our favorite people in our town.  So, when they asked if I would do their engagement pictures in the snow, I knew we were going to have a great time.  And then!  When they asked me to shoot their wedding, I was over the moon, impatiently awaiting the day! First, Jennifer and I decided that she would have a bridal shoot.  And holy gorgeousness, did she rock it.  So much so, that keeping a secret like her pictures was near impossible.  

When the wedding day came around, it was so easy to photograph the entire bridal party.  I have never met such a down to earth group of people.  This group of friends meshed so well, and worked together like I had never seen before.  

Their day started with the guys meeting in the Shenandoah Room of the Hill Crest Bed and Breakfast, in Clifton Forge.  They began getting ready and just relaxed and enjoyed hanging out together.  The girls arrived shortly to get Jennifer ready in the Paris Room. Afterwards, the sweet first look happened.   Then, came the group shots and they were hilariously fun and awesome.  It was amazing to make a suggestion, and everyone pose perfectly the first time.  It's like they practiced together.  The ceremony began without a hitch and it was hard to not cry behind the camera. (That's the good thing about being the photographer, I can hide behind my camera and no sees me being sappy. Wink.)   After the ceremony, the bridal party made a grand exit in the fire truck from the department that Kasey is a part of to do some more group and formal pictures.  When the reception began, the first dance kicked off a great party.  But, the Father/Daughter dance:  That was one perfect.  If you can't tell, Kasey and Jennifer's day was amazing.  And gorgeous.  Enjoy their wedding pictures! 

Favorite Bridal Shot, Alleghany Wedding Photographer
Alleghany Wedding Photography Bridal Pose
Getting Ready Bridal Shot
Groomsmen getting ready
Groomsmen getting ready pose
First Look Posed Shot
First Look in Foyer of Hill Crest Bed and Breakfast
Bridal Shot spanning length of the Hill Crest Porch
Bridal Party on steps of Hill Crest
Bridal Party posing on the Steps
Pianist for the Ceremony
Groomsmen Waiting for the Ceremony
Wedding Day Details, Rose Arrangement
Wedding Ceremony at the Hill Crest
Firefighter Wedding Bridesmaid Pose
Firefighter Groomsmen Pose, Alleghany Wedding Photographer
Bridesmaid Firefighter Pose
Fun Bridal Group Shot, Fire Department
Firefighter Wedding Posed Shot
Firefighter Wedding Newlywed Pose
First Dance Picture
Father/Daughter Dance Image