Graduation Day 2016 | Senior Photography | Covington and Clifton Forge Photographer

Today, the seniors from Alleghany High School walk the stage, get their diplomas, and sail off into adulthood with bright eyes, and hopeful hearts for the future.  I am happy to say that I got to work with a few of them this year, and it has been amazing getting to know them.  I always get sad at the end of the school year especially because it means that the seniors I have worked the closest with, are moving on.  

I am super stoked that I have met each one of these people and gotten to know a little bit about each one of them:  Their favorite hobbies, what kind of people they are, where they want to go in life, and just who they are at the peak of their high school lives.  

To know that they came to me as their photographer, to capture their "moment" in high school, means the world and I am humbled by that.  Greatly.  They have helped me build my craft, find out who I want to be in my business, and helped me grow.  For that, I am more than graciously appreciative.  

Tonight, as I go photograph a couple of those teens tonight, I probably will cry when I leave to get in my car because this is THEIR moment, and they are allowing me to share in that with them. 

I can call a few of these families my friends, and I am thrilled to say this to you:  see y'all soon!  Enjoy college, and love every moment in this new milestone in life!   And until then, keep shining! 





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