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There's a phrase that is so close to my heart.  It's one that I sometimes in the most stressful moments of confidence struggle to remember.  However, when I do remember it, it gives me a moment of peace and clarity.  It's simple and only two words. 


There are a lot of times I have struggled with my confidence and self worth as a photographer, as you may have read in my blog post : 2015: A Photographer's Confession.  There were times I felt I lost my direction and would literally put myself into tears because I didn't think I was good enough.  I listened to the negative voices around me criticizing, and pedastooling.  I NEEDED and CRAVED to be like everyone else and I studied and studied on how to find my place fitting into everyone else's styles because they were popular and I wasn't.  Then, I came across a simple picture with the words "JUST BE" right there in plain bold, text. 

That was it.  Those two words hit me.  I needed to be me.  Everyone else's styles are not mine.  They never have been.  I have my own eye, my own everything, why isn't that enough?  Actually, it is enough.  I had to learn that for myself.  And if I spend my valuable time learning other's styles, I am doing myself a major disservice because the reflection isn't my own.

I am not talking about copying - not in the least.  I am talking about the trends, the "in and it" crowds.  Following everyone else and not finding what makes me stand out. Well, good news, I have.  And I am happier with the journey of finding out what that is.  They always say the journey is more enjoyable than the outcome.  I believe that. 

Now, let me ask you - Is this you?  Are you or have you been doing the same thing I did?  Are you struggling to find your place?  Regardless if you are a photographer or not, this pertains to everyday life.  Maybe you are a high school student who doesn't belong, or struggles finding your mold.  Maybe, you are a young adult who hasn't figured out where you want your direction to be.  OR maybe, you are experienced in life, and want to find a different route.  

Whatever your choice, situation or struggle, I bring to you a simple gift, that you can conveniently place in view every single day, like I have.  

A free digital download inspirational wallpaper you can place as your phone's wallpaper, lock screen or even as a computer background.  Because, if you are like me, you use your phone often.  Share the post with your family and friends and subscribe to the blog to receive more tips, tricks, and more freebies in the future.. Because you are enough.  Now, go find your place, and enjoy the journey.  

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