New Year's at the Hill Crest | Covington and Clifton Forge Photographers

The Hill Crest Bed and Breakfast was featured on my previous blog before I revamped, so I will take this opportunity to brag on Martha, the innkeeper just a second before we dive right in. 

The Hill Crest is a beautiful mountainside country, southern mansion with six guest bedrooms and an elegant parlor, dining area, and breakfast nook, complete with a music room and a full size porch.  It's quietly tucked away at one of the highest peaks in our little mountainside railroad town of Clifton Forge, VA. 

The innkeeper Martha, bought the house and transformed it back to its original beauty just a little over a year ago now -- Which, you will read about in a later post.  At christmastime, the house is gloriously elegant, and just glows, literally, of southern charm.  

But, at New Year's it's even more gorgeous.  Along with the Christmas charm, there's party decor, jazz music, and a houseful of guests from different parts of the country. 

New Year's Detail Shot

This year, it was a mix of friends, family, and former residents who got together to celebrate!  Some of the guests were from Maryland and the DC area.  Others were local, close friends of Martha and Bruce's.  There was even a few former residents who made the house their home as they transitioned in from Arkansas, who came back to make a memorable visit, as well.  

New Year's Eve started with an evening of fine dining as Martha prepared the party with a five course candlelit meal.  Other guests enjoyed champagne and jazzy holiday music in the parlor.  As the night went on, everyone gathered to eat desserts, have fine drinks, and spend the evening dancing.  

To celebrate ringing in the new year, everyone mingled, chatted about traveling, and where they were from.  What made the Hill Crest and this crowd so unique is that all of the guests traveled from different parts of the country to have an experience of a lifetime inside this historical mansion of a home.  Instead of opting to celebrate with a large crowd like up in Times Square, these guests decided to choose a more intimate celebration with people whom they have never met, which turned into a beautiful and meaning occasion at such a special time of the year.  

New Year's Dancing
Hill Crest Group Picture

And so the old adage of come in as strangers, leave as friends is an unspoken, close to heart mantra of Hill Crest.  This year, I implore you to make a stay.  It'll be an unforgettable moment of history that you will be able to carry with you for a lifetime; even if it isn't a New Year's Party.