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So, I keep saying wait for the post about Greenville, and here it is!  I am so excited to write about Caitlin and Jeff's Wedding Vow Renewal and now, I am prepared to share it. 

A brief backstory about these two goes back quite a while to when they were both in the military.  Caitlin was in the Army, and Jeff was in the Air Force.  They started dating and both had orders for Hawaii together.  Time went on, and they decided to sort of elope and get married on one of the many beaches in Hawaii with their best friend, Stephanie there to witness over Thanksgiving weekend.  Soon, they found out they were going to have a baby girl, and the rest is history.  They are now, again, living in Hawaii after a brief stint in Texas, and have two more little girls added to their so sweet family.

Which, brings us to now - their five year wedding anniversary and Vow Renewal in the States for their family and friends to be able to witness their I Do's.  And, let me be the first to say, when I found out they were coming to visit, I immediately decided I was going to make that five hour trip to go see them!  We hopped in my car, and away we went! 

The first two days were adjusting to the travel, exploring downtown, and just spending time together.  The third day was the day of the Renewal.  They went to Jeffrey's family's church, set up, and exchanged vows. Below is a capture of their day.  Everything about these images is sentimental, special, and I am thankful they let me be a part of every moment.  It's as if I got to be there to witness them get married for the first time.  I even cried!  Enjoy their sentimental and sweet day!

Cute Dress Shot for Vow Renewal
Vow Exchange in Greenville
Daughter/Mom Dancing
Vow Exchange in Greenville
First Dance after Vow Exchange