Carrie + Justin Engagement Session | Downtown Roanoke

I met Carrie and Justin through a referral from another awesome local photographer. They had been looking for a photographer for their wedding for later this year, so they called me requesting a September wedding date, and I was beyond stoked. 

Carrie's personality on the phone was so sweet, and I couldn't get enough of talking with her. It instantly felt like we were old friends throughout our conversations. She told me her and Justin were just down to earth, easy going, and carefree. She said they were looking for someone who could capture who they are. 

When I got to know a little bit more about them, they told me they had the same circle of friends but had never crossed paths. So, one night, at the urging of their friends, they met at Martin's in downtown Roanoke and have been inseparable ever since. Now, they have decided to do a sweet, intimate ceremony with their closest friends and family in a gorgeous location in the same downtown they met in! 

When the day came to do their engagement session, I met them at Justin's office. It was decided that we would do their pictures where they met and throughout the Roanoke Market Square in the heart of the city. Which, by the way, was perfect. Everything about the location was just them. 

First, we found this little place right in front of an old firehouse that was a dream. Then, we headed right to the heart of the Market Square, and did a few of them hanging out. Afterwards, we started walking back to the car to prepare for their second outfit change, and we couldn't stop taking pictures! We also went to Martin's, the restaurant where they first met, and took some pictures there. Personally, that idea was one I could never turn down! Right at sunset, we thought the Hotel Roanoke would be a fabulous location for some beautiful and formal captures and it totally was! They had asked if we could take some pictures in the walkway leading to the hotel, so we did that, as well. The entire evening was nothing short of a simply a really great time and I couldn't imagine our experience to be any other way. 

Throughout the three hours we spent together, we laughed the entire time, enjoyed the scenery, and had a blast. It was easy to take their pictures, and get the shots that fit them the most. They wanted pictures that showed them at their best. Casual, fun, goofy, formal, you name it, they wanted it. So, we did just that! I can't tell you how much fun these two were to be around.

And now, I cannot wait to photograph their wedding even more! 

This session is again, one of my favorites and I loved every single image. Hopefully, you do too! 

If you would like some information on booking your engagement session and wedding event, don't hesitate to write or call me! I am always up for a good time, good friends, and great pictures!!!

Engagement Session | Downtown Roanoke | Hotel Roanoke.jpg