Brooke's Senior Session, Bear Loop Hunting Camp, Alleghany County

When I met Brooke earlier this year, I knew I had to have her as one of my reps.  After reviewing her application, I knew she would be a perfect fit.  Why?  Because of her involvement in school, how well she gets along with her peers, and even better- her amazing personality.   

I met her and her father last week and drove out with them to the hunting camp he's apart of.  And I was beyond blown away.  The view is amazing, the land just sweeps for miles and miles, and there are countless backdrops that we didn't even to get to a tenth of the property.  I am sure of it.  

When we began, we started on a couple of wooden bridges that were perfect.   They were handmade, crossed creeks, and were perfectly wooded to allow the sun to peek through ever so slightly.  Then, we moved to the cornfield that had been devastated by the bear population. Yes. Bears.  BUT, it was perfect because the left standing stalks provided nice cozy frames, and we didn't see any of those scary creatures. Lucky, right?!  Then, we landed at the barn with the turnip field.  Picture me in a singing voice "Amaaaazing!".  Finally, we drove to a bridge that overlooked a ravine and captured some awesome waterfall shots.  It was a photographer's dream!

But seriously, she had everything planned out. She knew what she wanted from beginning to end. I just had to stand there with my camera and click.  Now, every time I look at her pictures, they take my breath away.  They are just the perfect touch of simple, classic and riddled with country girl; which defines Brooke perfectly.  She's the type that can get down and dirty while looking gorgeous at the same time.  Yes, Brooke loves her images, and I am positive you will too!