The Best of 2016 | N. Nicely Photography

I know it's a little late, but I have compiled the best 10 images from N. Nicely Photography from 2016. Creating this highlight reel was a long but fulfilling process for a few reasons.
These 10 images selected were fan favorites from the past year that carry a significance of the amazing year and clients I have had. Whether they are family portraits, or wedding and engagement events, each story signifies the importance of capturing the best and real moments as they happen. These are real images, real people, real stories.

Metaphorically each image portrayed here is the visual DNA of each individual's personal story. Without one, the story is incomplete. 

Kasey + Jennifer | Wedding | January 9, 2016
Location: Virginia Hill Crest Bed & Breakfast, Clifton Forge, Virginia

Kasey and Jennifer decided to have a winter themed wedding and incorporate a huge piece of their lives into their biggest day. So naturally, they chose to do a few firefighting themed pictures with their bridal party. Turns out, for their last bridal party picture, this idea spontaneously happened. It was a huge hit. 


Lilly | Third Birthday | March 2016
Location: Clifton Forge, Virginia

Lilly is a sweet and beautiful little girl. Her mom and I were pregnant at the same time and supported each other throughout our pregnancies. So, when she asked me to photograph Lilly's third birthday, I couldn't help but say yes. Turns out, her entire family were a huge asset during the 2016 flood in West Virginia. They donated their time, vehicles, and supplies without question for three days to help me collect items for the victims. To say that I have much respect and love for their family is understatement. I will never, ever forget their generosity and the heart they have for serving others. As it turns out, this image was by far, one of the most favorite images as well. 


Jamie + Kim | Engagement | June 2016
Location: Douthat State Park, Clifton Forge, Virginia

I met Kim and Jamie when she was looking for a wedding photographer. We initially talked on the phone and during their consultation, we just clicked. After getting to know about them and what they like doing together, we decided that Douthat State Park would be the perfect location. They brought along their furbaby, Bella, and throughout their session, the focus on her was unmistakeable. During their session, we were able to capture who they really are as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. Their laidback personalities, attention to sweet moments, and spending their time together being outside really shows here. 


Carrie + Justin | Engagement | July 2016
Location: Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke Virginia

Carrie and Justin were a referral from a local photographer. The instant we first spoke was the instant we knew we were going to have a great time working together. During their engagement session, I don't think we ever stopped laughing the entire time we were together. Hanging out with them felt like a refreshing spring day. We walked around the Farmer's Market Square, to the location they first met, and then ended at the Hotel Roanoke where this image was captured. 


Darneese + Heather | Wedding | August 29, 2016
Location: Yorktown Freight Shed, Yorktown, Virginia

Darneese and Heather contacted me while on the search for a second photographer for their wedding. Being a pretty unique situation,  I didn't know their primary shooter, Cara, until our meeting, but was so glad to sit down and get to know all of them at the same time. We found out that we all had the same things in common, and booked instantly. On the wedding day, Cara and I were capturing the end of the ceremony. When we looked up and realized that almost the entire beach was watching these two as they were announced as each other's wives. But honestly, it would have been hard to pass by. 


Ana + Jonathan | Wedding | October 8, 2016
Location: Bella Rose Plantation, Lynchburg, Virginia

Ana and Jonathan were a referral from a fellow and favorite photographer. They called me immediately after receiving my contact information, and we talked on the phone for more than an hour mostly due to laughter. We went over everything and on the day of their wedding, we encountered an unexpected guest: Hurricane Mathew. Through the wind and the rain, the experience was one of a kind and this will always go down as one of my favorite weddings... EVER.


Stephanie + William | Engagement | October 2016
Location: Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, Virginia

I used to work with these two when I lived in Hampton. She was a 911 dispatcher with me, and he was a police officer. When we were at the oceanfront doing their engagement session, you couldn't ask for a better set up. They played on the beach, in the water, and ended on a romantic note. They're exchanging vows later this year, and we are all anxiously anticipating this day!


Taylor | Senior Session | October 2016
Location: Clifton Forge, Virginia and Lake Moomaw in Warm Springs, Virginia

Taylor's session was unique. I have never met a senior who know exactly what outfits he wanted, at the locations he wanted, and the poses that brought out the best in him. He and his family moved here not too long ago, so with being new to the area, he was really drawn to incorporating this new environment into his session. He has come to love exploring the area and getting to his new friends. He and his parents selected a variety of images from his session with this being his most favorite. 


Bryce + Michael + Rebecca | Family Session| November 2016
Location: Clifton Forge, Virginia

Rebecca contacted me in October to have a fall family portrait session so she could gift images to their families. During their session, Bryce was ready for every single picture and even had a couple ideas of his own. Throughout the entire session, he was literally perfect. He told jokes, made everyone laugh, and was a complete ham. He enjoyed the experience more than Rebecca and Michael, I believe. 


Caty + Peyton + Shane | Engagement & Family Session | November 2016
Location: Douthat State Park, Clifton Forge, Virginia

Caty contacted me when she was looking for a wedding photographer. In speaking with her about planning, she decided that a fall Family Session was a requirement. Through a couple of weather reschedules, we were finally able to complete her session. The best part of her entire shoot was that she wanted to incorporate family as the theme. Her and Shane brought Peyton along and without a doubt, she was the star of the session. At her ordering session, Caty decided this was one of her favorite prints, and I have to agree. Her and Shane are getting married this year, and their wedding will be a highlight to the season for sure. 

Best of 2016 | Clifton Forge, Virginia Photographers