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I met Mary, of Country Garden Florist a few years ago when I hired her to be my florist for our wedding in the same church Jeremy's parents were married in.  When I became a photographer, she stood out because of the care she placed in me as a client those years ago, so I knew I had to get to know and work with her.  And, a friendship was born.  She has invited me to work closely with her to become preferred vendors for each other, and I am so glad we connected.  

Wedding Reception Decor| Omni Homestead Resort | Hot Springs, VA | N. Nicely Photography
Crystal Room Wedding | Omni Homestead Hotel and Resort | Hot Springs, VA | N. Nicely Photography

Yesterday, I took a trip up to the Omni Homestead Resort to meet up with Mary and Jonathan to take some time and do a little placement capture for her blog.  Turns out, we did SO much more!  They were setting up for a beautiful blush and gold wedding reception and ceremony that included pops of pink and white roses. Watching the process was so amazing and fun that I wanted to jump in to help when I wasn't capturing her work. 

Crystal Room | Omni Homestead | Alleghany County Photographer
Centerpiece Arrangement | Homestead Resort | N. Nicely Photography

Prior to the day, Mary and her team assembled all the flowers in her florist shop, then transitioned them up over the mountain to the Crystal Room in the resort.  Then, they covered all the chairs in white chair covers.  That alone, made such a nice and elegant change to the room.  Afterwards, they placed gold tie back sashes to add a nice pop of color to each table. Then, they delivered the bridal parties' bouquets and boutonnieres to their rooms and into the library for each person to pick up conveniently.  

Afterwards, I followed Mary and Jonathan to the Pergola, where the ceremony was to take place, and they set up the flower aisle runner and flower settings.  They took the time to make sure every flower looked elegant, perfectly placed, and timeless.  Mary even included me to assist her in helping with each of these processes to give me an inside look at the care she takes to prepare for her clients, which was awesome because I can't stand still.  Ever.  

Pergola | Omni Homestead Resort | N. Nicely Photographer | Hot Springs
Flower arrangement | Homestead | Crystal Room | N. Nicely Photography
Table Centerpiece | N. Nicely Photography | Alleghany and Hot Springs Photographer

After that was complete, we ran back inside and they assembled the last bits of table placement set up.  And here is where I really got to play before the caterers place the final touches to the table settings.    

Mary also informed me that she planned on staying through the ceremony to ensure the flowers looked perfect, and the center piecing stayed flawless.    

I have to say, taking this day to follow Mary around and capture her work, efforts, and abilities really brought to sight the love she has for her work and for her clients.  The service she provides for everyone involved just makes her stand out as an absolute preferred vendor for the area.  I can assure you, that if you're looking for flowers for your wedding, look for a vendor who takes the time to make sure everything looks perfect, who's willing to go the extra mile to bring your vision to life, and make your day beyond beautiful, then you have that and more with Mary and her crew.  I cannot wait for our next project together.  Until then, enjoy the awesome work provided by Country Garden Florist!  

And, visit her here:

Wedding Flower Centerpiece | Homestead Resort | N. Nicely Photography | Alleghany County, Virginia